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  • Dive Raja Ampat

    Visiting Raja Ampat is like exploring and having a lifetime adventure in a magical place. This has so many stories to tell you and adventures to offer. The main thing that will attract the tourist is the crusty sea-salt alike feature Raja Ampat has. In the northwestern tip of the Indonesian’s Papuans is where Raja Ampat located. This part of the planet is so amazing because a wide variety of marine life exist.

    There are thousands of reasons why you should have a visit in this mystical island. Exploring this place is one of the best decisions you can have for a life time.

    “The Four Kings” is what other call Raja Ampat by which you can somehow think how wonderful this place is. It can take you to wanders and make you realize how bounty and beautiful nature can offer the mankind. You can explore starting at the exciting spots in Wayag and Uranie. You can proceed to the depths of Mayalibit, Alijui and Kabui. You can also spend wonderful times in the channels of Kofiau and Gam which is surrounded with water of blue and mangroves. Seeing Misool and Dampier Strait will never be disappointed at all. You must know that these places are a home of the most amazing species of coral reef worldwide.

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    Preserving the natural beauty and making Raja Ampat a tourist spot is a big challenge for the Indonesian government to do. The high number of tourists can cause some damages to the marine life of the Raja Ampat. The tourism in Raja Ampat provides a sustainable economic option for the people instead of engaging in mining, logging and overfishing. This place does not only have a potent prospect to be the source of income for the people and the government but a host for many marine lives that needs to be preserved for the future generations. The management of this place is a noble example that the nature should not sacrifice when development wants to enter.

    The scenic sites and the well-preserved beauty of this group of islands are not the only things that you should look forward in your trip. The diving spots in Raja Ampat are to-die for. Many had already explored and enjoyed these sites. Capekri and Misool Island are the best place to feed your eyes with the underwater world. Capekri is the home of shark snappers, napoleon wrasses, barracuda, dogtooth tuna and Meaty Quensland groupers. Misool Island in the other hand, can offer you sift corals and critters like ghost pipefish and seahorse.

    Have a trip in Raja Ampat and discover how magical this place is.


  • Best Time to Dive

    Raja Ampat has unpredictable weather especially with storms. The water along the southern coast of these islands has been cold that a number of boats just blew off diving. Diving in Raja Ampat is not really considered a great pick for absolute beginners but for those divers this is excellent spot because of the strong current of the water. The weather varies for most of the time but there are times when a great numbers of divers can explore and see the diving sites. Occasionally, the sea might pick up a little of Raja Ampat between the months of July and September but these are only small things which should not cause you much so many problems.

  • Getting There and Around

    You can start your travel to Raja Ampat by flying to Sorong. You can choose between Jakarta and Singapore as the starting point. These ways are the easiest and the fastest. But you can also select the route by Manado or Makassar.

    There are many airline companies that offer regular flights to Raja Ampat that start from Bali or Jakarta. These airline companies include the Lion/Wings, Express Air, Merpati and Bataria Air. Ujung Pandang is the stop over for these flights.

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    If you want to begin your journey from Singapore, you can have a flight with Silkair which offers flights from Singapore to Manado. The Lion Air and Merpati catter flights from Manado to Sorong.

    If you want to make things much easier, you can check and let travel agencies do all the works.


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