Kri Island

  • Kri Island

     Kri Island

    Kri Island is one of the top liveaboard scuba diving spots among the archipelago of Raja Ampat. The site is within the Raja Ampat marine protected area so it is the best place for you if you would like to see lots of fish.

    Here are large numbers of tunas, trevallies, bumphead parrotfish, pygmy seahorse, napoleon wrasse, huge groupers, the rare 5 enormous Queensland groupers and white tip reef sharks.

    The diving depth varies from 5 m to 40 m. The visibility is very good at 10 m to 30 m. The currents are usually moderate but can be very strong during tough weather conditions. The water temperature ranges from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius. The surface condition is calm and you can dive here all year round.

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