Manta Ridge

  • Manta Ridge

     Manta Ridge

    With a beginner’s dive at only 6 meters, Manta Ridge is one of the shallow dive spots in the Raja Archipelago. It is located between the islands of Mansuar and Airborei, in the middle section of Raja Ampat. Aside from its shallow water, the site is also well-known for hosting a large number of Manta Rays, as it name suggests. It is a famous Manta ray cleaning station that catches the attention of large groups of mantas. Thereby, this is the best place for spotting mantas.

    Here you should look out for the unusual all black Manta rays. Aside from mantas, you can also see black tip reef sharks that that are usually spotted in deeper water. You may also see species of turtles, bumphead parrotfish, cobias, remoras, golden trevallies and the blacklip butterflyfish.

    Underwater currents can be very strong, only suitable fro experienced and advanced divers.

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