Sel Pele Bay

  • Sel Pele Bay

     Sel Pele Bay

    Sel Pele Bay is considered as the macro underwater photography diving capital of the Raja Ampat archipelago. Here you will find lots of unique and weird seldom critters that basically made Indonesia diving very popular.

    The bay is very wide and is situated o the west of Waigeo Island. Its inner portion is used for conducting pearl farming.

    Dinding Seletan dive site is found on Sel Pele Bay’s outer south side. Here is a vertical wall slopes off to the sandy base with lots of beautiful soft and hard corals, sponges and sea fans. The abundance of critters here is obviously wonderful. You will spot many urchins, sea cucumbers, species of cephalopods such as the mimic octopus, small sized blue ring octopus, the beautifully colored and the rare bobtail squid, mantis shrimps, blennies, nudibranches, ribbon eels, stick pipefish, zebra crabs, porcelain crabs and pygmy seahorses.

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