South Penemu Island Pinnacle

  • South Penemu Island Pinnacle

     South Penemu Island Pinnacle

    Located near the southern part of Penemu Island, South Penemu Island Pinnacle is a less famous pinnacle that is usually visited by dive masters who jump in the blue water to bring a beacon in place. In the shallower portions of the pinnacle, there are many nice colorful anemones and soft corals covering the sections.

    Going down the deep, you must watch out for schooling yellow fin fusiliers, jacks and batfish that are commonly found here. You can also spot the impressive giant trevallies hovering around. There is also a good number of rainbow runners, spotted sweetlips, black snappers, Indian lionfish, species of dragonets, hermit crabs and the Pantohe Pygmy seahorse.

    The diving depth varies from 5 m to 30 m and the visibility starts at 20 m to 30 m. Currents are usually moderate but can be strong at times.

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