Waigeo Island

  • Waigeo Island

     Waigeo Island

    Waigeo Island is the home of some famous dive spots and is located at the northern tip of Raja Ampat. The site offers an excellent drift diving experience. Here are lots of Raja Ampat liveaboard dive boats that are usually touring around the northern portion of the island.

    At a depth of approximately 30 meters, you will get the chance to see white tip reef sharks as well as the black tip reef sharks that are commonly spotted sleeping and sometimes patrolling in the blue water depths.

    The site has been also acknowledged for being an excellent spot for macro underwater photography. Macro underwater photographers’ list of spotted species include a huge variety of nudibranch species sea dragons, blue-striped flagtail pipefish, pygmy sea horses, green sea turtles, giant napoleon wrasse, and Indian lionfish. There is also an abundant growth of corals and sea fans here that serve as homes for large groups of small fish.

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